Why The Vella Group

We empower and support our employees to be the best at what they do

The Vella Group has a long history with apprenticeships, and it is a key part of our culture to continually invest in our people.

The history

Apprenticeships have been at the heart of our Group since it began in 1986. Karl Vella, our Founder and Executive Chairman, started his career in the automotive industry as an apprentice panel beater and has since dedicated a lot of his time to supporting young apprentices

Karl was awarded an MBE for his dedication to training and apprenticeships in 2007, and also won the Institute of the Motor Industry Achiever Award in the same year. He has also been recognised by WorldSkills UK as Chief Expert for Autobody Repair.

What do you get back?

In return for your hard work and dedication to your apprenticeship programme you will receive an excellent starting salary, which has potential to rise each year in line with business' salary increase plan.

It doesn't stop there - you'll also get access to all the perks and benefits of every Vella employee including 25 days holiday per year plus bank holidays, a free healthcare scheme, and exclusive discounts.


Each apprentice is assigned a mentor to provide confidential guidance and support, as well as two in-house technical trainers and a line manager.

One-to-one meetings take place with line managers and HR to ensure necessary support for every apprentice.

Your future

Upon completion of your apprenticeship you will then get to decide which area you'd like to specialise in, whether this is MET, Panel, or Paint. You will then receive an Institute of Motor Industry (IMI) qualification in your specialist area which is recognised internationally.

All successful apprentices will also receive a permanent position with us.

You will also have the opportunity to progress into a Vehicle Damage Assessor or Support role if you'd prefer, and you can discuss your dedicated career path with our HR and Development team.


Why Vella?

Being the best at what we do, as individuals and as a company, we empower our staff to drive the business

Our Success

We have form in Apprenticeship, our success is a true testament to the belief that apprentices are our future

Our Partner

AutoRaise is at the heart of our drive to show the importance of Apprentices within our industry

Inspiring your future

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