"In 2012, when I was 17, I started out as an apprentice Paint Technician working for a small Bodyshop. After just 2-years there, I was eager to leave the Bodyshop but still wanting to continue with my apprenticeship. Luckily, The Vella Group offered me a position at their Chester site and agreed to let me finish my apprenticeship with them through day release.

"It was the best move for me as they not only offered me more money whilst on my apprenticeship but the facilities at the Chester site were much nicer than my last place where I didn't even have heating. I have also noticed from the regular health surveillance tests performed on-site, that my lungs have improved since working here.

"Since completing my apprenticeship in 2017, I have enjoyed working with skilled guys on the shop floor and getting the opportunity to go on a variety of training courses around the country."

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