"I started out as an Apprentice Panel Beater on a 5-year programme. At aged 20, I was awarded Apprentice of the year in the North West and given the opportunity to travel to France for two weeks working in a Bodyshop up in the French Alps. On my return, I chose to stay at the Bodyshop which I had started my career with as a Panel Beater.

"A few years later, I was given the opportunity to move into a Quality Control role where I was mentored by an older QC at the Company. For a brief period, I left the Bodyshop I worked in to become a self-employed Panel Beater for a small business but eventually returned to my QC role. Shortly after I progressed into a production manager role and after 8 or so years, I went on to take over the site as the sole Branch Manager.

"Despite spending most of my career working at the same Bodyshop, I made the decision to move on into managerial roles elsewhere and this was when I became part of The Vella Group team. Originally working in managerial roles across all the sites, in 2018 I went on to take over the Preston site as the General Manager."

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